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We are your area soil and crop fertility experts, specializing in nitrogen management.

Do you want to increase your ROI in the field? Do you want to be more efficient with fertilizer? Do you want to manage your soil moisture more efficiently? If you answered yes to any of these, then we have a program for you.

Our services include soil & tissue sampling, fertility consulting, nutrient recommendations, soil moisture monitoring, and fertigation pump service & repair.

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Our Corn Nitrogen Management Program allows you to know how much to fertilize during the growing season when nutrient uptake is at it’s peak. The program has been perfected over our 24-year history, it is data backed and farmer first oriented.

Our Team

The Better Harvest Team is managed by David Reinart and Eric Burton. David Reinart (CCA) has over 30 years of experience in the fertilizer business. David saw a need for better fertility management in the High Plains and created the Corn Nitrogen Management Program in 1996. Eric Burton (CCA) has been with Better Harvest for 6 years. Eric manages day to day operations, sales, and service. Better Harvest Inc., is a division of Deveron, a full-service on demand data company operating in the United States and Canada bringing additional expertise and experience to the growing team.