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The mission of Better Harvest, Inc., is the gathering of data to assist in the efficient use of nitrogen fertilizers for the best economic yields while having a positive effect on the conservation of our soils and the environment.



Over many years and fields of sampling, we have learned a lot. Post pollination nitrogen application is the only statistically significant nitrogen application that correlates to yield. This is true over all fields and those with the low pre plant nitrogen amounts.

Other observations from our data include a statistically significant cost savings from not applying more than 50 #/ac of nitrogen with a herbicide carrier. A larger application than this tends to drive nitrate levels very high in the young corn plant. The plant cannot utilize all the nitrogen at once and in effect results in "wasted" nitrogen as more has to be applied at a later date. We have also seen the same from pre pollination applications of UAN over 80 #/ac of nitrogen. The most cost effective application combination in this case is a side dress application followed by UAN post pollination. We have some fields with adequate soil nitrogen that use no pre plant nitrogen, a small amount of herbicide carrier, and then UAN both pre and post pollination. These fields do not require over 80 #/ac of nitrogen pre pollination, so UAN is the most cost effective solution.

The chart below examines the effect of timming on yield and nitrogen use. It is based on our years of data.

The key is monitoring the crop and managing the nitrogen.  Better Harvest specializes in just that.


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Last modified: November 20, 2010